For anybody checking into Techno Tutor please checkout this website

I was quoted approx $60 canadian for an upgrade

To the new windows , graphics and integrated version of the software

Techno- Tutor is way overpriced overhyped and subpar …. Below are a few reasons why

Get EVERY thing in Writing !!

The software includes a “vocabulary” builder which is at best a word list builder
and multiple spelling mistakes !!

Check for yourself open up the database using access and see

It is not the latest software.
 It is based on dos which is a very old Operating system. It does not support multiple monitors , screws with the screen settings crashes etc…
The claim it does grade 1-12 plus three years of university is not valid as the Readers are Leader website they are “levels”
The test that they use to show u how the program works is misleading as the program does Not include words and meanings
The reading speeds have been inflated as to show a person that they are subpar
They have not been able to supply any expert opinions or tests to support any of the claims
Ask which school system the word lists are from , and data to support the claims of grade 1-12 and 3 years university
Are they approved by the ministry of education

Here is another persons opinion

Here in Ontario, Canada, there is a software being peddled called “Techno-Tutor”. The website uses both no-information-speak and a professional who is not a professional in the field of neuroscience, neuropsychology, early child development,
etc. I was able to ask the right questions that resulted in a friend not buying the software. I agree with the above. Going for a walk might contribute to increased blood flow.

agent j
a.k.a. JC
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The word lists include the word hate many more times than love which is explained by ….

The software appears to originally be called a word purifier from a appears to be Cult called Desteni,62042,112000,62042,119210

All of the so called “owners” all belong to desteni

They don’t have the “source” code which in people terms is the “original”

Avery Williams does not appear to be a truthful person and lies and hides his true intentions

And if you do business with him , get everything in Writing as he is NOT truthful

His true intentions are to get you to join his cult , which he does not expose till he feels you are “ready “

Please read or listen to  Dr David Lieberman ….  Never Be Lied to Again

Or any other author on the subject

More to come … Yes an updated webpage !!

Please email me at steve (at) for more info